welcome to the beach

this website exists to be my personal corner of the internet, along with a record of my journey through HTML and a database of what i have created.

search around the site and take a break, the beach will be here forever

Startup (12/10/23)

very beginner but it's a good start. email me if you have any suggestions to better my HTML: slaiddrag@gmail.com

Progress (12/11/23)

added who and why section, along with a few polishings

Directory (12/16/23)

added directory, along with my own website button (link me!) and a website tab

Websites (12/17/23)

added websites, changed music button to webrings, also some polishings

Guestbook (12/18/23)

added guestbook, new webring, new index. most of them lead nowhere atm though

About Me (12/19/23)

finished about me, very proud of it!!

hey! i'm a 18 year old aspiring chef who decided to dabble in a little bit of HTML. i became interested in creating a site that pertained to my aethestic along with an interest of 2000's webpages.

HTML has always been a hobby i've wanted to use and upon learning of neocities i decided to start my journey and i hope to continue it for years to come.

on the more personal side i'm an average person who is interested in animanga, video games, cooking, music, and skating. my interests are scattered around the site and exist as a record of what i'm interested in.

i hope you find this beach relaxing. it'll be here forever, so enjoy the waves

slaiddrag 2023-forever